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Welcome to Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Works in Progress Submission

Before submitting, please read carefully the Rules and Regulations; and make sure that your project matches the following eligibility criteria:

In order for a film project to qualify for admission to Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event International Works in Progress, it has to meet the following conditions:

  • Full-length feature film for theatrical distribution with potential for international market that will be in production or post-production stage by the moment of presentations in Tallinn (November 29-30, 2017);
  • The film must not have an international sales agent attached;
  • The film must not have been presented in any previous Works in Progress at international industry events, with the exception of a presentation at an event in the country of origin.
  • Projects from the whole world are eligible

For the Baltic works in progress (projects from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), projects with sales agents on board or those having been presented in previous international works in progress presentations can apply but are not given priority in the selection process.

The applicants who want to participate in the Works in Progress with a film project, which will be in line with the above stated requirements, must provide the following information in the application via online submission form:

  • Synopsis (up to 1000 characters)
  • Short biography/filmography of the director (max. 1000 characters, recent or selected films)
  • Biography/filmography of the producer/Production company profile (max. 1000 characters, recent or selected films)
  • A photo or still image from the film (resolution 300 dpi)
  • Provide links to the scenes from the film (2-3 scenes, maximum of 10 minutes) with english subtitles for preview / selection

Special conditions:

  • Participation includes an accreditation fee of 75 Euros per person;
  • Once a film is selected, at least the producer must be present during the market on November 29 - December 01, 2017;
  • The official language of the market is English;
  • Submission of the film is considered as acceptance of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Works in Progress Rules and Regulations available on this webpage.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at

Rules and regulations

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